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Campaign for Real Ale

Campaign for Real Ale


The unprecedented restrictions introduced by the Government as a result of the Covid-19 outbreak have had a significant effect on all our lives, as well as on the business operations of pubs and breweries, with their very survival threatened.

Since lockdown, CAMRA has been campaigning to save and protect pubs and breweries as part of our Pulling Together campaign. We continue to lobby government and collaborate with industry partners while launching initiatives like the Brew2You takeaway/collection beer app and website.

We are working to ensure that pubs and pub-goers remain a prominent consideration for the government. The industry contributes over 900,000 jobs and over £23.6bn to the UK economy annually. Pubs are at the heart of our history and heritage, and one of our most cherished British institutions. We must act now to secure their future, and CAMRA membership is vital to enable us to continue to be an effective lobbying organisation for all beer and pub lovers.

Pubs and breweries across the UK have risen to the challenge in the face of unprecedented levels of uncertainty while we all fight the spread of COVID-19. The beer and pub industry has been a force for good during the COVID-19 lockdown and continues to do amazing work to help the COVID-19 response in their local communities.

On 22nd February the Prime Minister released the re-opening roadmap for England. It confirms a phased reopening with pubs being allowed to open for outside service only first. The slightly better news is that curfew and the substantial meal requirement have been scrapped, but table service will remain.

More details will be posted here in due course but it is clear that things will continue to look and feel a little different from normal. Below is information about what we experienced when pubs reopened last Summer about how to help our pubs keep everyone safe, see CAMRA’s advice for getting back to the pub (England version) or checkout the infographic below.

We are now supporting pubs through the recovery period. The vast majority of pubs and clubs in the Surrey & Hants Borders Area have made it through lockdown, but 42% of pub-goers say they are visiting the pub less than they did before.

Landlords we have spoken to have all reported significant downturns in trade, typically up to 50%.

So many pubs and clubs in our area have supported their communities through lockdown, by running shops for essentials, delivering meals to vulnerable members of the community, moving the pub online to help fight loneliness and social isolation, or simply making sure that their regulars can still pick up fresh ale and cider. There are a many great examples and we will be highlighting a number of examples in a future edition of News & Ale.

Now they need our support more than ever.

If you can go back to the pub please do so. Remember that if your local is under threat as a result of the COVID-19 crisis, CAMRA has a number of resources to help you save it. You can find them at

If you’re not ready to go back to the pub, you can find takeaway and delivery services. This will help support pubs that aren’t open yet, so please think about using them. Details of all the pub in the Surrey Hants Borders Area that are are offering delivery and takeaway:can be found here. C19 - Pubs and C19 - Breweries. If you are aware of any local initiatives that are being developed pleased email the WhatPub Coordinator and we will be happy to add them.

Some of our neighbouring branches also have information about how the pubs in their areas are affected East and Mid Surrey, North Surrey and East Hants.