Surrey Hants Borders

Campaign for Real Ale

Campaign for Real Ale

Local Council Elections

Monday 3 May 2021

With local elections taking place this coming Thursday, now is a good time to contact councillor candidates to ask for their support, if elected, in campaigning for local pubs, clubs and breweries.

Whilst Hampshire & Surrey County Councils have limited powers and responsibilities directly affecting pubs, the borough councils are responsible for local policies relating to planning, licensing, local business rate reliefs and supporting businesses and culture more generally.

This will also help us build strong relationships with our local elected representatives, and increase understanding of issues relating to consumers, beer, cider, pub and clubs.

The easiest way to find contact details for your local candidates is to enter your postcode on the Website

What you ask candidates is entirely up to you but you might explain why you are a CAMRA member and why particular local pubs and breweries are important to you. You can ask candidates if they will, if elected, work with the Surrey Hants Borders CAMRA branch to support, promote and protect local pubs and clubs in their ward and across the council area.

Another issue that may be of interest are their views on protecting community pubs as part of local planning policies, and whether they think the council has sufficient pub protection policies in place.

Finally if you do get in touch with candidates and they reply, let me know what they say, so we are able to follow up with them if they are elected.